Excellent Culinary Experience at the Fullerton Hotel

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fullerton hotel

Is Fullerton Hotel different from Fullerton Bay Hotel? Yes, it is. The differences are about facilities, interior, and exterior design. Anyway, both of them offer excellent services that become the standard of the Fullerton chain worldwide.

Each of those two hotels has its outstanding services, particularly facilities, amenities, and food services. This downtown hotel suits anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable vacation in one of the best Singapore hotels might provide.

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Fullerton Hotel for Your Excellent Culinary Experience

Staycation Singapore means nothing without delectable cuisines. Fullerton Hotel has it all. For breakfast, try The Straits Club Lounge at Fullerton. It highlights its outstanding Veuve Cliquot orchampagne breakfast. It is unbeatable.  

For those who want to enjoy other culinary experiences here, you still can come by for its afternoon tea or evening snacks and beverages. They are all free for guests who book the club room. There is also some travel concierge that allows guests to get free access to this lounge. All food here, whether it is for Chandon breakfast and afternoon tea in the morning and afternoon, or even cocktails and evening canapés for the dining time is huge in variety. Every guest will be satisfied.

The Straits Club wins the heart of guests with routine mealtime that offers daily specials. It shouldn’t be too surprising because Fullerton Hotel is known globally for its outstanding service. All the special meals here are also very delectable with the high-quality way of serving. The Straits Club provides the maximum service for travelers who demand outstanding culinary experience.

Privileges for The Straits Club’s guests are outstanding, where guests who have a membership there can enjoy 24-hour personalized service. Guests don’t only enjoy unlimited, delectable cuisines, but also an adorable interior that boasts Peranakan vintage décor that features the artifacts of Straits Chinese.

Cake Boutique and Worldwide Cuisines

As the name implies, this is a cake shop that provides special cakes for Fullerton Hotel. Cakes and pastries here are already very famous for their appetizing taste. They are perfect for special moments that guests can share with family members.

All cakes and pastries are made of the most perfect ingredients, while guests can enjoy them with high-quality coffee or tea in the North Courtyard’s sunlit atrium.  Another amazing dining experience that is worth trying is the worldwide cuisines at The Town Restaurant. 

There is no need to travel around the world for tasting the best cuisines from every corner of the world. Menus include breakfast, a la carte, and any kind of cuisines worldwide that guests can enjoy by seeing the great Singapore River. All of those foods are served delectably by world-class chefs.

Last but not the least, Jade Restaurant is ready to deliver highly mouthwatering Chinese cuisines. For more than a decade, this restaurant maintains its authentic Chinese foods with outstanding quality, along with excellent hospitality. With more than 100 seats, guests won’t hesitate to come back to enjoy the cuisines by Leong Chee Yeng, the Executive Chinese Chef. 

The Fullerton Hotel should be your next place that will pamper your eating taste. Besides, guests will find lots of facilities and amenities that help them to feel comfortable during their stay.

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